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And… we’re off?

Okay, not entirely sure what I’m doing here.  I started a blog many moons ago with the stated purpose to keep writing and not allow my skills to diminish too much.  I wrote all of one blog.  This may go the same route, but at least I won’t forget which blog I used to start it with this time!  I have no clue where the other one is.  Sad.

I suppose a little about me is in order.  I am currently on the hunt for a new job, my previous employer having eliminated my position and my employment along with it.  I hope to find something involving health care and advocacy for patients’ rights, but I’m not going to quibble too much over the exact nature of my employer, so long as they don’t support the Koch Brothers or any of their ilk.  I’m a progressive sort.

As for my writing, I have written scores of short stories, mostly fantasy and superhero in nature.  I’ve written two full-length novels but have not done anything with them.  (I shopped one around, but it was many years ago and I’m sure it needs way more work than any editor wants to contend with.)  I used to belong to an “amateur press alliance,” or APA, that was all about the Champions role-playing game.  I wrote many of my short stories and novellas for there.  So while yes, I’ve been published, this is the epitome of “self-publishing!”  I wrote it, I copied it, I sent those copies in, and they were collated into one bound edition that then got sent out to others in the alliance to read.  I even won a few awards for my writing from the other members of the APA, which was quite gratifying.  But no one outside those confines ever saw what I wrote.

So here I am, throwing myself out there, hoping I can get some thoughts across about those things that I care most about.  For the time-being, I don’t even mind if no one else sees what I write.  If I can get some vaguely cohesive thoughts put together that have a discernible beginning, middle and end, I’ll be really happy!  Perhaps as time goes on I’ll even start sending out links to what I write to see if anyone takes an interest.

You can follow me on Twitter @joelblevy if you like, though I generally only re-Tweet funny and political stuff.  But I also follow a lot of the gaming/writing/entertainment industry folks that make life fun for the geeks of the world, a cultural sub-set that I most proudly belong to.  Feel free to contact me if you like.  Or just keep checking back now and then to see if I actually put up a second posting.


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